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Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast-Episode #8-Only Leaves

Welcome to Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast-Episode #8-Only Leaves

In this message Pastor Paul uses three imaginary trees to describe fruitfulness. One is very leafy with no fruit; one has fruit and leaves; and one is a mere stump. Of these three fruit trees, one is dangerously lacking...beware the ax. Can you guess which one it may be? You may be surprised about the outcome.

The message is about being fruitful or being complacent. It is about false professors, predestination, and Christ's intercessory prayers. It is about what is expected of the Church. It is about those who will be called in the final days.

The message speaks of the urgency to be productive. Christians are called to be more than knowledgeable about Christ. They are called to produce good works-fruits of love. Following Christ's example; to feed the poor, to heal the sick, to visit the prisoner, to minister the salvation message, to take care of the widows and orphans-to serve humanity, following Christ's example of Love.

Leafy Christians-beware of the ax-this message should move you from your couch to your feet in record time. If not, take your pulse because surely you are dead.

Scriptures quoted within Tongues of Fire-Episode #8-Only Leaves

Hosea 14:8
Mark 11:13
Luke 9:51-56

The message, Only Leaves, was originally recorded June 17, 1984.

Running Time: 1:12.10 File Size: 66MB

Music is written and performed by Dove

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