Friday, March 30, 2012

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 240 'Friends Pt1' [and 'a True Heart']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Friends Pt1' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 240
  2. 'We ALL agree...We All need friends.'
  3. What kind of friend are we under pressure?
  4. Solomon said, 'There is a friend that stickest closer than a brother.'
  5. Why is Jesus a faithful friend?
  6. What are some characteristics of a faithful friend?
  7. A True Heart
  8. Faithfulness to us in [with] our faults.
  9. True friends will tell you openly about your faults. [instead of secretly telling others what they don't like about you]
  10. A friend will prick you in your conscience provoking it to change your direction because of your misdeeds.
  11. Loyalty. No confidences are broken.
  12. Many times friendship is cool when it begins, but will it survive the burning sun?
  13. Will your friendship endure the heat of the burning sun?
  14. Will your friendship survive every blow from the fist of nature?
  15. Do you find true friends in the hothouse of pleasure?
  16. Will a friend acquired by foolishness become a lasting trusted friend?
  17. Are the odds better finding a trusted friend some enchanted evening across a smoke filled room? 'Here comes Match-Mate?'
  18. Are force bloomed friendships lasting? When they start to wilt where do the end up?
  19. 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' [force bloomed child]
  20. A characteristic of true friendship is defined by deeds for one another.
  21. Build friendships block upon block one block at a time on a firm foundation.
  22. Jesus is a true friend.
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