Thursday, May 24, 2012

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 246 'Wait' [and 'Pray For Direction To Cool Clear Water']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rummmbble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Wait' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast Episode 246
  2. 'WAIT' causes a REACTION!
  3. Are there any among you [pompous ones] who can cause rain?
  4. Are we running the race to win?
  5. Are you waiting?...for what?...for who?...for rain?
  6. We must LEARN to wait.
  7. Consider man the most dependent creature God made.
  8. Life would vanish without food & water.
  9. Recognize who we depend on and why.
  10. Famine, pestilence, and madness will come without 'Cool Clear Water'.
  11. A confused distracted mind will go to the wrong well for water.  
  12. In dry times when the Earth is frightened for lack of rain we must learn to wait on the Lord for direction to the Well. 
These are #LiveTweetsInside for Pastor Paul's Message as it was recorded today. Follow #LiveTweetsInside as Live Tweets rumble usually on Thursdays. Follow jeaninecheri

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