Thursday, October 18, 2012

#LiveTweetsInside for Pastor Paul's Message 263 'Foundation' [and 'The Cornerstone']

  1. Get Ready To Rummmble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Foundation' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 263 
  2. When the King commands do we say, 'May I be excused?'  
  3. What soever the King says to do DO IT without excuse! Where the word of the King is there is power.
  4. The authority of the Divine command is timely, His time.  
  5. When we build a house do we start at the foundation or the top floor?
  6. The foundation of the temple had to be carried to a very high area, a high hill. It could be seen from a great distance.  
  7. The King commanded that the temple's foundation was made of great stones, huge stones and costly stones.
  8. He paid great attention to the foundation that was great from the top to the bottom.
  9. Take time for the hard work, the basis for the whole structure that men will not see. Time tells if it is a work of God.
  10. God the greatest architect created heaven and earth, like a string of pearls, connecting all His creations by Providence.
  11. 'Nothings Gonna Give, Nothings Gonna Give, Nothings Gonna Give', His Grace is our foundation, His mercy endures forever.  
  12. Invest your mustard seed of faith in God.
  13. Jesus is the cornerstone of our temple holding us up. Give glory to the humble part of the building that is less visible.
  14. What is holding us up?
  15. When the winds of adversity blow against us, what holds us up? ['I girded Thee, though [Thou] they did not know me.']
  16. If the Lord digs deep He plans to build high.  
  17. Conviction of our sin which is between us and God is our edification of His righteousness. It is the underground work.
  18. Would we like to show the world our 'old pilings' that God had to dig out before He could lay our deep foundation?
  19. Everything that will be shaken will be shaken.
  20. Chastisement...going deep; Humbling...going deep; Conviction...going deep; Deep, deeper, deepest...High, Higher, Highest.
  21. Is God erecting your Temple?
  22. The Temple Not Built By Human Hands.
  23. Do we have secret conflicts with sin?  
  24. Solomon wanted to make sure the temple would not fall down.
  25. Every man's work will be made manifest and fire will come. 'Stubble, Straw and Hay' will cry, 'Not here Lord not fire!'  
  26. When checking out a man's work look for the cornerstone of a deep foundation.
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