Monday, July 14, 2008 2008 Online Merchandising Workshop

Today I am in Huntington Beach, California attending the Online Merchandising Workshop 2008. I am joined by 250 retail members and exhibitors. The retailers represent a 200 billion dollar ecommerce industry that started about 15 years ago. It started by a few people who had a need to join a community of like minded retailers who saw a future in ecommerce.

While I attended the Marketing Workshop i
n April 7-9, 2008, earlier this year, I recorded a conversation with Elaine Rubin, President, Ekrubin, Inc., whose passionate vision lead to the development of a 200 billion dollar industry that we know today to be ecommerce. She shared her inspiring story with me after lunch on the last day of the workshop. I know you will enjoy this inspiring conversation.

Listen to my introductory conversation with
Elaine Rubin here.

Elaine Rubin's conversation about her vision of ecommerce here.

It was Pastor Paul's Club's, our online retail store, one year anniversary after becoming a member of whose motto is, 'By the member, for the member'. Later I found out just what a valuable connection I had found while Google searching 'online marketing'.

Today's vision 'To be the world's leading membership community for digital retail commerce (DRC)', started with the passionate vision of Elaine Rubin. Her passion for her vision brought like minded people together to learn and share that developed Today Pastor Paul's Club can share in that vision.

You can find my archived posts to the blog beginning here, Thank You 10 Year Anniversary.

I have a recorded conversation with's Scott Silverman, Executive Director, about the future of to expand internationally that I will post next, as well as, a conversation with Larry Joseloff, VP, Content who inspired me to attend the first Online Marketing Workshop in April 18-20, 2008.

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