Thursday, April 8, 2010

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 142 'A Heavenly Rest Involves Decision' [and other scary stuff]

  1. Ready To Rumble- #LiveTweetsInside -Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Heavenly Rest Involves Decision' for TOF-PPPodcast Episode 142
  2. Are you in a state of UNREST?
  3. Make a decision to return to the 'Rest of God'.
  4. The 'Rest of God' remains forever.
  5. We do not enter into the 'Rest of God' because of unbelief.
  6. How do you enter into the 'Rest of God'?
  7. Regardless of popular opinion, peace destroyers, you continue to move toward the 'Rest of God' focusing on the 'Rest that Remains Forever'.
  8. It takes faith for us to believe in the 'Rest of God'.
  9. Can we say? 'The life that I now live, I live by faith'.
  10. By faith we receive the 'Rest of God' that is the rest that remains forever.
Join me on twitter, jeaninecheri, Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 'Your Hostess with the Mostest' as *I take a giant leaping lizards brain forward as the 'Curator with the Cure' or the 'Sweet Preservationist' to prevent lost tweets on Thursday's. I have not decided on my title for this, yet another, project. The 'Curator with the Cure' sounds so medical, and I've always thought I would be a fascinating doctor, and yet the 'Sweet Preservationist' reeeeeeminds me of strawberry rhubarb preserves, not always sweet but always preserved. Which do you like, I mean the title, that is?

On Thursdays I have been doing a live twitter stream while recording Pastor Paul's message for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast. I start the stream with Pastor Paul's battle cry that he used before he would begin to preach, 'Let's Get Ready To Rumble' I think it would wake everyone up and prepare them for 'Spiritual Battle', you know demons would flee, the usual. So I got this incredible idea to do the same on Thursdays, on twitter, while I record his taped messages for the podcast. Give the battle cry and then live tweet the message!

So on Thursdays on twitter, I give the battle cry like a 'bullhorn for church', 'Let's Get Ready To Rumble!' Prepare for battle!!!! [in so many words, well 5 words actually] It is quite exhilarating!

When I record the message I am fixated looking at the empty white space in the twitter 140 character box, while focused, very focused, on listening to Pastor Paul as he preaches. At times he screams loudly, somewhat deafening, and then at other times, he speaks so softly that his voice would not waken a sleeping child. It is during these times while listening intently that I have to decide whether or not to tweet his point, or that point. Sometimes I might ask myself, 'What did he say again?', or 'Oh no what was the scripture?' I may have to adjust the sound, 'Wait let me turn it up a bit, that's better, or OMG now he is screaming!, turn it down, lower, lower, or I may think to myself or out-loud [depending on how talkative I feel], 'Wait that was really good, let me get that', or I may panic and scream, 'No sound what is happening is the tape turning I can't hear anything', and then hearing something, I may say to Boy, my cat, 'That is better it sounds good now ['Boy you stay in the other room. You know you are not allowed in the office!'], or I may review my tweet stream and say out-loud to myself, or to Boy, 'I have four tweets, do they go together? is anyone reading them, -stay focused, now you missed his point, what was that scripture. Forget about it-the QUOTES I mean!!!

Live tweeting while recording Pastor Paul's Message at times can be somewhat challengingggggg! Even a little bit nerve racking while trying to keep a Wiley Boy cat at bay. [A quick question came to mind: 'Can you sell a cat on ebay?'] And yet, live tweeting is in the moment. It's a little bit of recorded history that I can look back and say, 'Wait a minute, where did those 20 tweets go?'. Let me esplain.

After the twitter #Rumble I use to just copy my live tweets in my 'Little Black[podcast] Book' as a way to keep track of them {curate}. I made sure I did not reload the twitter page before I recorded them, so they would be in one stream. I could do the same by going to my twitter profile too. I use to just keep notes while listening, until I got the inspiring idea to tweet the notes instead.

So when I went back, a few days after I had copied them in my
'Little Black [podcast] Book' and discovered them missing two weeks ago from my twitter-stream, I was devastated, well a little discouraged to say the least. After-all, jumping catfish was it a flood? Where did they go? Who can I call-'Uncle-Buck' or the twitterati-police, are they dressed in green-like the Green Police? Probably not, rather in Teal like Tiffany & Co. Seriously if I had not been a curator by nature, my little piece of recorded history was gone in a twittering of an eye.

Irreverently irregardless, I decided I would yet again just have to take the tweet by the...feathers? In times of uncertainty like these, it takes a steady hand on the keyboard, an attentive ear to the speaker, an eye to the white-space and an empty head tilted to the sky.

*I hope you will join me, whether the battle cry of the 'Curator' or of the 'Preservationist', together Our Cry, 'Let's [Indeed] Get Ready To Rumble- will strike a chord of unity for lost tweets everywhere. When someone feels the urgency to tweet, let it be so, let them tweet something to someone or to just be in the twwweeemoment.You are probably saying to yourself, or out-loud , if you are feeling bold and unabashed, 'I think she has finally gone mad!' To that I say, 'I do not think so, but just in case, keep me away from 'Shutter Island!!!'

If you have read this post and have heard the call, p
lease do not sit on the sidelines. It is time for you to be an insider and get the scoop while I record the infamous Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast #LiveTweetInside. [After-all it's a FreePrizeInside.]

PS: Are you curious about the missing tweets? Coming a Blog Near You-Subscribe. Here's the scary part: hitting PUBLISH POST

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