Thursday, July 22, 2010

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 157 'Sow Weeping Reap Rejoicing [and Sending Out Those Good Vibrations LoveExpress]

  1. With iPad and iPhone in hand, Let's Get Ready To iRumble LIKE IT'S 2010! #LiveTweetsInside
  2. Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Sow Weeping Reap Rejoicing' (timing is everything) for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 157
  3. Thinking about present distresses...In this dark time you will go out weeping and come back rejoicing...
  4. The bigger the difficulty, the greater the VICTORY!!
  5. In due season, we will reap rejoicing...'Bringing in the sheaths...'(sheaves ;-.0)
  6. God causes the increase.
  7. Sow the seeds and do not worry about the harvest.
  8. Manifest Christ: A public demonstration of power and purpose.
  9. Feeding the 5 Million...
  10. Get it On
  11. Most fears have the same beginnings...
  12. Love shatters fears...
  13. Laugh your fears away. The laughter of the Lord is your strength.
  14. Have a good gut buster-gut fear begone-talk fast and say nothing fear...constant competition fear...women afraid of losing a bummer husband.
  15. If life isn't worth living, it's because we have created our own he'll. (auto spellcheck)
  16. Christ was rich in his poverty. Many today are miserable in their financial wealth-Spiritually Bankrupt!
  17. Praise God-The laughter of the Lord is your strength!
  18. Sing for the joys of Jehovah!
  19. Go out weeping come back rejoicing. Do not worry about tomorrow, sing today.
  20. Vibrate yourself loose with good vibrations.
  21. The universe is under the law of vibrations...Give Good Vibrations...Receive Good Vibrations...
  22. The Master Tuner-Jesus
  23. Spiritual Harmony
  24. Good Feelings-Good Vibrations-Healing Spirit
  25. Stay tuned up and tuned in to-The Comforter-Spirit of Truth-Holy Spirit.
  26. Dare to walk in dark places because His Light dispels the darkness. Believe God and give out Good Vibrations while bringing in the sheaves.
  27. 'I will come rejoicing while bringing in the sheaves.'
  28. All together now, "Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves, I will come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves.'
  29. This has been brought to you by the New Media iPad Gospel Hour. You can send your Good Vibrations to the People of Planet Earth LoveExpress.

These are #LiveTweetsInside of Pastor Paul's Message as it was recorded today. Follow the #twitterRumble as it occurs usually Thursdays. Follow jeaninecheri

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