Thursday, January 13, 2011

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 182 'Fair Weather Faith of Storm Faith' [and 'Running with the Horses']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Fair Weather Faith or Storm Faith' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 182
  2. Why are you so fearful, how is it that you have no faith?
  3. We have no more faith than that faith we have at the time of our trial.
  4. When your faith is tested there is no one who can stop the storm within your soul, a mixture of fear and perplexity. The war of nature.
  5. Salmon swim against the stream.
  6. Are you perplexed, bothered or bewildered?
  7. Many untimely storms come exposing our condition of need.
  8. Looking for the 'Prosperity Clipper' while others are struggling in small boats with broken oars?
  9. Trials are strangers to many because they flee from them, especially when people are watching..
  10. When we have no faith, Jesus tenderly pity's us.
  11. All fear of death lies in thinking about the future time of it. Death is not the storm, but the quieting of it.
  12. If, when you run with the footmen you are weary, then, when you run with the horses what will happen?
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