Thursday, June 9, 2011

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 198 'A Spiritual Wind' [and 'the Juniper Tree']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message, 'A Spiritual Wind', for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast Episode 198.
  2. Imagine a world without winds-no air movement- how putrid, just dead air! So is the church today without a wind, dead, lifeless, breathless.
  3. Speaking about the third person in the trinity, the Holy Spirit. He is power & life. Pray to be quickened by the Holy Spirit...
  4. Remember how a move of the Spirit provided manna from heaven. God caused an East wind in heaven and a South wind and rained feathered doves.
  5. They would not be satisfied.
  6. The Spirit of God is like a wind, you never know when He will blow into town. Where did He come from? Where did He go? Mystery?
  7. Are you prepared? Learn to expect the unexpected.
  8. Everyone is looking for a treasure. The treasure is your LIFE. What are you doing with your TREASURE?
  9. Sometimes the wind is soft and full of summer heat. Other times the wind is harsh and cold. [sound familiar Minnesota?] Mysteries like us.
  10. Have you tried to figure yourself out? Forget about it! We are all mysteries changing everyday. God is the author of us, His mystery story.
  11. Aren't we a mystery a regenerate man in a corrupt body?
  12. he Holy Spirit moves us up up up and we soar like eagles and then with a change of the wind we lie under the Juniper tree begging to die.
  13. Look at the prophet Elijah who was a man of great courage, as well as, the original 'Blues Man' who fretted and complained like you and me.
  14. Have you ever been on a Spiritual high? [no drugs please-just singin' a song rollin' along]
  15. Have you ever given way to fear?
  16. Cowardice will drive us to the wilderness.
  17. Shakers and movers have nervous fits. The layer-downers [downers] just stay put-down, but, mysteriously they make it to the refrigerator.
  18. All is still under the Juniper tree. The Holy Spirit is quiet.
  19. Losing the Divine connection sitting under the Juniper tree in a flesh fit...No Wind under the Juniper tree, so quiet, so still, so alone.
  20. Of no account, a failure, a quitter who will never amount to anything...Thanks Mom.
  21. The Juniper tree is calling to me beckoning to me, down along the river, melancholy baby. Let me sit and cry over old memories gone bye-bye.
  22. Granny is pine-ing away trying to recapture old memories having a bit of a flesh flash forgetting about what God has done for us...
  23. ...losing all sense of direction. Granny needs praise and needs it NOW!
  24. Get your Divine connection Granny and lose the old pictures and letters of antiquity.
  25. Granny is still humming, 'I'm a lonely little onion [chive] in a petunia patch'.
  26. Granny Encourage Yourself; Stay away from the Juniper tree and revisit your life's victories brought on by 'Divine Spiritual Winds'.
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