Friday, February 3, 2012

#LoveTweetsInside for Episode 232 'Fear & Worry' [and 'Manufacturing Peace']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Fear & Worry' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 232
  2. News Alert: 'There is NO SHORTAGE OF FEAR & WORRY'!
  3. The best of men can have the most bitter foes.
  4. 'Self Interest' rules most men.
  5. The herd turns against the wounded deer.
  6. Do you have inward storms [Stormy Weather] created by fear & worry?
  7. Where is your heart & mind?
  8. Is it [are they] in a secret place?
  9. News Alert: 'Man Manufactures Peace' by Hot Cocoa, Chicken Soup, A Hug, or A Trip to Florida. [hypnotic trance failed]
  10. News Alert: 'Farmer Plans for Peace Crop' asked why? he said, 'What you Sow is What you Reap!'
  11. News Alert: 'No News Is Good News' [now we have fear & worry full blown]
  12. News Alert: 'Late Night Comedy Routines say News Media like an Old Cowboy Overacting Death Scene'
  13. Who has a fear of OLD AGE? of going BALD? [what could look so bad about a bald head]
  14. Babies have bald heads and they are as cute as a bugs ears!
  15. I have never seen a bugs ear, that is true, but I believe they must be as cute as babies!
  16. It's analytical!
  17. If, there is NO SHORTAGE OF FEAR & WORRY, then REFUSE FEAR & WORRY by backward induction reasoning. [Alert:must be used with complete information] . [With A Beautiful Mind= Nash equalibrium limited]
  18. Bonus: Jesus has perfect information, believe Him when He says, 'My peace I give you'.
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