Thursday, May 16, 2013

#LiveTweetsInside For Pastor Paul's Message 292 'Worry' [and 'Overtime']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rummmble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Worry' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast Episode 292
  2. We are told to 'Occupy', but some of us are just occupying space. We all will be asked, 'Where were you when...?'
  3. We say, 'I am -Footloose and Fancy Free- able to leap all commitments in a single phone call...
  4. Void of any Worry....
  5. God did not call us to be MOM OF THE WORLD...
  6. Be warned about being anxious for tomorrow, about worrying, instead be prepared with an attitude of faith, trust and hope. 
  7. Worry is not the child of circumstance.
  8. Have organized thoughts not scrambled thoughts, gut freezer thoughts, like doing something we are afraid of, like FAILURE.
  9. Worry is the inside job robber.
  10. Old people worry. They worry about who loves them. Don't worry- no one loves you because they are waiting for you to die.
  11. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. SPEND YOUR MONEY OLD PEOPLE-YOU EARNED IT!  
  12. Invest in the Kingdom of God -OLD PEOPLE!
  13. We worry about 'What could happen...We worry about our children...We worry about our jobs...We worry about our marriages...
  15. All of us SHORT PEOPLE worry about our height. Let's face it the song 'Short People' inspired the sales of platform shoes.
  16. Worry is a sin.  
  17. Worry burdens everyone around us. It is an enemy. Mental wards and churches are full of worriers.
  18. We were not born knowing how to worry. We learned to worry. We practiced, practiced & practiced until reaching perfection.
  19. Jesus said, 'Worry not I am with you always.'
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