Thursday, May 30, 2013

#LiveTweetsInside For Pastor Paul's Message 294 'Facts or Faults 2' [and 'Fruit']

  1. Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Facts or Faults 2' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 294 
  2. God did not create us to live within ourselves, like an ingrown toenail-Ouch!
  3. Each person was created by God to serve others.
  4. God must have an incredible sense of humor because He created us.
  5. God of Laughter!  
  6. My favorite Pastor Paul saying, 'Don't take yourself too seriously because nobody else does.' [Side Note]
  7. To quote Oscar Wilde, 'Life is too important to be taken seriously.'  [Side Note 2]
  8. Everyday God comes to your 'Fig Tree' looking for fruit. 
  9. Are you waiting for something to happen or are you making something happen?
  10. The 'Fruitless Fig Tree' is of no use. It has the rustle without the hustle.
  11. Another word for Retirement is Useless; a state of waiting without purpose or service, permanent fruitlessness.
  12. Why do we need to bath and deodorize? Our flesh is in a state of decay and our body will die.
  13. Sometimes we have to become 'Undone' to get the job 'Done'.  
  14. The dirt needs to be turned over.
  15. Are you a 'Shadow Caster'?  
  16. Indifference turns to fault finding.
  17. Degeneration sets in to people who become fruitless and useless.  
  18. All generations have capacity for fruitfulness except the degeneration who have retired.
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