Thursday, April 7, 2011

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 189 'How's Your Memory?' [and ' Remember Who?']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message, 'How's Your Memory?' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast Episode 189.
  2. David said, 'I am so troubled, I cannot speak.' Have you ever been so troubled that you could not speak?
  3. Not being able to speak is when the tongue forgets it's office.
  4. Many people in the 'valley of despair' will remember the Lord. Reflection follows infliction.
  5. In the end times, a calamitous state, peoples hearts will fail.
  6. In the end times the unwashed are awakened.
  7. Never let your conscious (conscience) be your guide. Like the blind leading the blind, it's YOUR conscious (conscience).
  8. Do not judge character by circumstance because a diamond may suffer under the hammer & the chisel while smooth stones bath in a sunny brook.
  9. 'Soul Fainting' is the worst form of fainting-A soul that gives up the fight.
  10. This dark sensation comes over us when we see a prolonged trial coming. We have not even felt the cold jab & we lose our legs like a boxer.
  11. The trial may not come! Did you ever think that something good might happen? Do not worry about tomorrows trials, they may not come.
  12. The worse thing we can do when we are thrown off a horse or have some kind of trial is give-up and avoid the situation-Get back in the ring!
  13. Do not faint before you get your pink slip-It may not happen.
  14. Be sure to say like David & Jonah, 'I will remember the Lord.'
  15. The Lord can turn pink slips green. Remember the Lord.
  16. Thinking the same, 'Water changed to wine'. That will put a smile on everyone but a wine salesman. ;-.)
  17. The bible say's, 'Having done all STAND'. Don't give way to fainting. Jonah in his circumstance, covered with seaweed, remembered the Lord.
  18. Remember the Lord's promises; 'I will never leave you or forsake you, no never'. Be washed by the water of His Word-Praise God for His Word-
  19. Believe to see and not see to believe.
  20. 'Where were you when I was sick, widowed, naked & hungry? When you have done it to the least of men you have done it to me' Remember Me (Jesus).
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