Thursday, September 8, 2011

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 211 'Self-Righteous' [and 'Profusely Perspiring Before God']

  1. Let's Get Ready to Rummble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Self-Righteous' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 211
  2. 'If I justify myself my own mouth will disprove me.'
  3. No sin has as much VITALITY as the sin of self-righteous.
  4. 'Hey you give me the eye, have you ever seen such a wonderful guy?'
  5. The 'Self-Righteous Smack Down' starts here.
  6. We call God a liar when we claim to have no sin.
  7. Who bewitched you, Oh foolish Galatians, who told you you are great?
  8. Comparative Righteousness is Self Righteousness undercover.
  9. All.... have gone astray. All...have missed the mark. Self Righteousness is but filthy rags.
  10. Can we stand before God on our own merits, our good works?
  11. The plea of the self righteous [serious] man goes something like this, 'I haven't done anything, ...
  12. ... I joined the church/synagogue, I try to help people, I send my children to Bible/Torah classes, I give to the poor?'
  13. Adam your fig leaf is too small.
  14. Seriously.
  15. Christ did it all [Perfect One] We can not keep the law. The law condemns us. We must be perfect according to God.
  16. We know we are guilty [as sin], that's why we have inferiority-complexes.
  17. What a wonderful gospel is the 'Gospel of Jesus Christ'. It cleanses our consciences.
  18. We can imitate Jesus, [but] that won't do it. We must receive Jesus. [the take-away: receive]
  19. Does your conscience speak to you? [@ 23 min to 10 on a Friday night?]
  20. Some are preparing their Judgement Day speech to God right now. [Like Tilda's (Swinton) council (general counsel) Karen Crowder in 'Micheal Clayton' (Judgement Day speech title: Profusely Perspiring Before God)]
  21. Why must the Gospel of Jesus Christ be preached to all?
  22. The answer: Christ's own words, 'I came to save the world not to judge the world.'
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