Thursday, December 1, 2011

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 223 'In All Things' [and 'Christ's Love']

  1. Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'In All Things' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 223
  2. Speak the Word of God without fear. Proclaim Christ.
  3. When people turn you out of one village pursue another. Flee Forward.
  4. Are you cool in conflicts?
  5. Instead of being indifferent to, beyond, apart from, or denying all things...
  6. We are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us in all things.
  7. Trials, tribulation, peril, sword, persecution, hunger, disease, poverty, depression, alone, homeless, fear- IN ALL THINGS
  8. In hardships, in distresses, we are more than, more than, more than, more than conquerors IN CHRIST.
  9. The realistic Body of Christ. The victory is 'In & Through' all things.
  10. Faith will take you Through.
  11. Neither death, life, angels, principalities, things present, things to come, powers, heights, or depths in all creation...
  12. ...will separate us from the Love of Christ.
  13. Sometimes people are afraid to live. [Circa Aug 72]
  14. Afraid of looking bad, of failure, of crowds, afraid of life. Die to fear.
  15. The devil says refuse life it is too big for you. Refuse it.
  16. Die daily to gain life. Die to fear. Put fear in a casket and bury it. Have a memorial service for fear.
  17. Peace is grown-up Joy.
  18. Things are to use not to cherish. Things present.
  19. The fear of old age [sounding like your mother]. Future Things.
  20. Powers can't separate us, inwardly free. Powers [money].
  21. Success [life] should not go to our head, it should go to the feet of Christ. Life.
  22. Refuse life without Christ.
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