Thursday, December 15, 2011

#LiveTweetsInside for Episode 225 'Grower or Growee' [and 'the Larger Room']

  1. Lets Get Ready To Rumble! Recording Pastor Paul's Message 'Grower or Growee' for Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast 225.
  2. 'He that has the worst cause makes the most noise'.
  3. Sincerity is the key to prayer. Prayer brings new life in a larger room.
  4. If the bushel is not full of wheat, it is full of chaff [flesh fields]. A road can be good, but our steps can be evil.
  5. Time on my hands, me in my arms [flesh flash forward-self cultivation].
  6. Self cultivation is alright provided self is surrendered to God. God centered rather than self-centered.
  7. Self centered clumsiness. Symptoms include: No room for expansion confined to a tiny room called resentment.
  8. Can we be confined to a neighborhood? a city? a country?
  9. God will take us into a larger room? [heaven?]
  10. The ransoms of our life are our riches.
  11. The truthful tongue is everlasting, whereas, a deceitful tongue is for a moment.
  12. Where in the bible does it say to pray for earthy possessions? What does our larger room look like? [a toy box?]
  13. We fear evil when we do not identify with Jesus. Then, we look for others to identify with us...Social Networks perhaps.
  14. We should stop looking for someone to identify with us; 'I want love, loyalty, & bowling on Wednesday nights-the Dudett!
  15. 'I want a Dude who understands my infinite moods.'
  16. Forget the infinite Dudes and take on the identity of Christ.
  17. Move out of the 'small mind' room. Move into the 'expanded mind' of Christ room.
  18. Smothered grief is hard to bear like hiding a wolf under our clothes. It gnaws at us.
  19. Grow in the identity of Jesus Christ. Allow ourself to be brought into a larger room hidden in Christ in God.
  20. Miserable, whining do nothing people do not want to expand and identify with Christ.
  21. All aboard, 'Leaving 'Self Vegas', abandoning a 'Street Car Named Desire' and Identifying with Christ...Just Grow With It!
  22. Maybe we are waiting for the 'Kindness of Strangers'?That is such a tiny room, even Alice will not go there.
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