Monday, October 15, 2007

Green Queen-Dumpster Diva-Free Glee

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Green Queen Jeanine
Today is October 15th 'Blog Action Day' , the day we joined Pastor Paul's Blog with over 16,000 Bloggers to blog about the environment. My adopted title, Green Queen Jeanine, is a reflection of my focused state of mind. My assignment (assigned by me) is to write about the 'Environment'. Today is my 'Blog Debut Two'. (I am noticing the frequent rhyming and am somewhat distracted, but I am going to forge ahead.) First a little history...

I have written a few other blogs, but posted only one, 'Retro Blogging March 16th-May 16th'. At that time I attempted to write a single blog covering a two month period. I will have to admit here and now, I have not gone to any blog unconferences, or listened to any blog how-to podcasts, and I have no experience in blogging. I do enjoy learning from experience as I go.
However, I do read one blog consistently and I frequently refer to my Blogging For Dummies book that I find invaluable (I love the cartoons). Still, I know I am a little rough around the edges, so please bear (bare) with me. Today is a new Blog Beginning like a Blog Holiday, just as important as Columbus Day in the United States. I am discovering my voice. I am joining the voices of thousands of bloggers...(get to the environment...I will in a minute.)

I will be digging my 'Blog Action Day.' Forevermore (sounds like a really long time), I will be churning out a minimum of 'Two Blogs' a week to commemorate my 'Blog Debut Two' and the inaugural 'Blog Action Day'. I owe this moment in time to the environment and to the thousands of bloggers who are writing today. (I can hear the thunder of keyboards, especially the backspace and delete buttons. Editing is peaking and the links are colorful.) First, my debt to the environment that allows me to live, explore, grow and develop; and my debt to bloggers that inspire me to blog, to write about issues important to me, to explore unchartered cyberspace. My gratitude is for the confidence I gain with every word I write. (It is hitting the post button that takes courage. Let me go on...)

Today, I am joining thousands of bloggers who I hope to meet some day. (Until then, I should probably start to read their blogs.) Together we will make history by making a statement about the environment and defining ourselves as a single authoritative voice. Actions do speak louder than words, unless you are a blogger, then, your words speak actions, that inspire more actions, unless they rhyme, then they inspire songwriters or poets who can be slow to act. But, keep in mind, songwriters and poets are like eagles which are the only birds that can lock their wings and wait for the right wind. They wait for the updraft and never have to flap their wings, they just soar. They inspire dance.

Today's bloggers combined conscious words in their blogs call to action will change the hearts and minds of people everywhere to clean up their act and stop; destroying the environment, littering, wasting valuable resources, polluting, and burying garbage everywhere. I am beginning to see bloggers as guides who share their insights drawing on the master consciousness. Their words inspiring actions. Actions speaking louder than words. And this blog, Pastor Paul's Blog, will be one of the thousands tapping into the master consciousness focusing on the environment. God bless all the bloggers who are writing today about God's creation the earth affectionately known as Mother Earth (by many baby boomer's such as me).

Dumpster Diva
The matter of the environment brings me to Pastor Paul's Mission. It is a community near and dear to my heart consisting of hungry people and salvaged food. Speaking from over 20 years experience, I like to think of myself as a Dumpster Diva. A Dumpster Diva is a female who finds salvageable food destined for the dumpster and where necessary will rescue it from the dumpster separating the good from the bad (one for good two for bad) and distributing it to hungry people. She specializes in perishables that have a short life and have special handling requirements making them the most difficult and expensive food to salvage. The food is similar to the people it serves both are perishing.

What makes a good Dumpster Diva? A college degree or extensive experience is not needed. Superior strength is not necessary. A sharp mind or a quick wit are seldom used. Physical attractiveness, designer clothing, and expensive jewelry would get in the way in most cases. Then, what makes a good Dumpster Diva? It is all in the attitude.

You must be mission minded having a positive mental attitude. After having defined your goal to feed hungry people, you must be determined to do so even if it means crawling in a dumpster and wading in garbage up to your elbows. No bangle bracelets here ladies. Although plastic gloves are clearly a career wardrobe item. Be prepared to go that extra mile or two. It makes finding a comfortable pair of shoes an even bigger reward-no flip-flops please.

While you are going the extra mile keep the faith. You will find yourself becoming more enthusiastic with every box of produce that has maybe one rotten apple. You will develop a creative vision by learning from adversity. The creative vision comes to fruition when you distribute food, that would have been thrown out and wasted, to hungry people who appreciate it. The food is valuable.

Today on October 15th 'Blog Action Day', I am calling out to females everywhere; generation y-bring your games, generation x-bring your phones, baby boomers...bring yourself and wear your tie-dyed t-shirts and put flowers in your hair (no we are not going to San Francisco). It is time to save the Earth by feeding hungry people food that is salvageable and fearlessly Dumpster Diving where no man has gone before-can I get an Amen!

Free Glee
When you know to do good and you do it, you get Free Glee....The best things in life are free.

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